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OFO has workstations in every size and shape for any office. Whether your business is manufacturing, retail or services, we have what you need to be more productive and enhance your image.

Our newest addition to workstations is the adjustable-height desk that allows you to change from sitting to standing throughout the day. This offers many health benefits as outlined here in a study by Washington State Departement of Labor and Industries.


Looking for an "open office" concept? 




open office concept


Closeout corner desk




Closeout corner desk, 6' x 6' or 6.5' x 6.5. Includes one 36" or 42" corner, two 36 x 24 return tops and two drawers. All this for $631.00.







Adjustable height desks




Do you like to sit or stand? We can make any sizetop(s) go up and down.















Adjustable height workstation



Flexibility, function and the absolute lowest price in the industry.This base is perfect for arranging in groups, great for corner applications or as a stand-alone desk. It can easily be moved about with the two locking casters that come standard with the base.

Max. working load is 110 lbs. The price of this base is $336.00. Compare this option to the Varidesk Pro for $395.00. Our height adjustable base provides an ergonomically correct workplace.







New reception desk


6' X 6' Reception Station for $581.00. Add the sofa, loveseat, club chair and coffee table for $1,399.00


Cherry Desk

New laminate desk options


Cubicle walls that can goup to 9' high.
Create a private office with modular walls for $125.00 per lineal foot.
Call us for to design your own walls. 262.754.3570


Work Stations